Friday, November 27, 2009

You can’t act more breezy than that?

Have you ever noticed that when people act too excited about the possibility of a new “relationship”, the person on the other end gets scared off and disappears?…This seems to always be the case and yet even though we know it, we still get that way. I have run into guys who I might’ve been interested in but wanted to just see where it would go. Within a few days, they would be acting too anxious to get together. On occasion, I’ve had my best friend try to talk them down! She’s said, “You just need to act breezy like on that one episode of Friends.” It’s never worked though. Some people just aren’t breezy in anyway. The funny thing is that I am hardly ever breezy myself. I’m more like a tornado. It’s really not my fault I guess. I’m just a little too intense when it comes to productivity. Come to think of it, on those occasions when a guy seemed too interested in me, maybe I just wasn’t going to be interested in him to begin with. It just shouldn’t be that hard.

Here’s a tiny play I wrote entitled: “Un-breezy!”

Cue lights please…

Guy picks up girl for dinner (…this is already way out of my comfort zone…can’t we just meet at a high school dance or something?…clearly I am not a big fan of the word, “DATE!”)

Guy hands girl flowers at the door (um…thanks…that was really nice…but definitely not breezy!)

Guy: I got you these. You are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met!

Girl: (you don’t have cable?)…Thank you!

Guy: So... I was wondering how you feel about having children?

Girl: (uh…tonight?)…uh…tonight? (oops…Couldn’t stop that response.)

Guy: My ex says I’m going to meet someone right away because I’m really good looking and have a ton of money.

Girl: (then why didn’t she keep you?)…hee hee…that’s lucky for you.

Scene change…dinner is over…guy walks girl to the door…

Guy: This was fun. Do you think you’d be interested in flying to Italy on my private jet for 2 weeks next July?

Girl: (does that mean I’d have to hang out with you for the next 8 months until then?)…Um…I’d have to check my schedule. You should get back to me about that in May.

Guy: Well. Think about it. I need to make arrangements in the next 3 weeks.

Girl: ( pressure then!) Oh. I’m sure I have to sing those weekends. I’ll check.

Guy: So. I had fun. I’ll call you when I get home.

Girl: Ok. I have some things to do so if I don’t answer, I haven’t heard the phone. Thanks for everything.

Guy pulls out of driveway…scene fades out…girl sells her house and leaves the state…

So obviously there is somewhere in between getting to know someone slowly and making a commitment the first time you meet to fly to Italy nearly a year later. Again…in a few cases, I have been the one who has made myself too available. I will be sure not to do that again because clearly I can dish it out, but I can’t take it!