Sunday, November 15, 2009

Yep! Dryer lint is flammable

Well! I guess it’s true what they say…Dryer lint is definitely flammable. Now…I don’t mean to drudge up anyone’s hard feelings towards the words flammable and inflammable!…Yes! The words have the same meaning…but…dryer lint is definitely inflammable! Here’s how I know: I cleaned out the lint trap and lit it on fire with a lighter. It went up like a trailer in a tornado!…I think the question here is “why?” Not why does it catch on fire so easily…but…Why would I wonder if it would or not? Haven’t we all heard that dryers are dangerous and unless you clean out your lint trap, the lint could easily catch fire? Of course!…and yet I wanted to find out for myself!

Isn’t this sort of behavior typical of people? Men and women alike! How many times have we been told that a guy is bad news but it somehow attracts us to him? Better yet…how many women do you know who have gone out with men who were taken and thought that once they got him, he’d be different?…um…no! If he’s cheating with you, he’ll cheat on you!…but no!…women want to light him on fire and see if he goes up…I mean…Typical women think that it will be different with her because “he just wasn’t with the right girl!” Sorry! That’s not true. Once you’re in, you won’t be the “right girl” either! You can’t change a guy who is flammable! Personally, that’s not my style. I don’t have really any use for thinking that I’ll be different. God knows that I’m different…the trouble is that it’s actually the guy that needs to be! Whatever…the point is, if someone in the world has already learned a lesson, wouldn’t we be wise not to have to relearn it for ourselves. It would really save us a lot of time to do other stupid things that no one has done yet!…like play baseball near the neighbor’s picture window…