Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What type drives a Yellow Sport Utility?

I pulled into the gas station today. My eyes were instantly pulled toward a bright yellow sport utility with giant flames on it. I thought, “Hmm…I wonder what kind of person drives a bright yellow sport utility with flames on it?”…Out of the mini-mart came it’s owner. A guy with dress shoes, short black pants and white socks! I giggled to myself about the fact that it is so easy to spot different types of people by what they drive. Then I felt a little sad for a second. I wondered if he was happy and I felt a little bad that this poor guy had just been giggled at by me…I really didn’t have any right to laugh at him. He was probably a very nice guy. As a matter of fact, he is probably married with 2 beautiful children and had all the things I’ve always wanted but don’t have because every guy that I’ve ever found attractive happened to be driving a BMW sport utility and was likely giggling at me for driving a Volvo. Oh well…I decided that he probably wasn’t married, but what did I really know? I got in my car and drove around the gas station to exit. Would you believe that there was another bright yellow truck with lightning bolts on it?…What the heck? I hoped it wasn’t a sign from God that I’m going to be struck down for not knowing how to be attracted to regular guy’s guys. This guy had long hair in a ponytail and was wearing acid washed jeans! Again…not my type. I was certain that I was meant to learn a lesson from this. But what the heck was it? I suppose the lesson may be that there are plenty of fish in the sea…but much fewer in the chlorinated pool at the club!