Monday, November 30, 2009

Enough about me…now what about me?

I suppose that “my type” has got to go out the window. Honestly, it appears that “my type” isn’t my type at all. I actually met a nice guy who was completely not like anybody I would ever have gone out with and had more in common with him than anyone I’ve met in years. It was actually pretty nice to know that at least I have some ability to be attracted to someone! He hasn’t called me or made any attempt to contact me…of course it’s only been two days…in my world that is more like two years and usually by the time a guy has gotten around to contacting me, I don’t remember meeting him and I’ve written another book or something. …meanwhile, back at the ranch…two days later, I’ve already gone through all the phases: like, attraction, interest, possibility, chemistry, excitement, realization that he wasn’t into me, rejection, resolution, cheesesticks!…and that’s how the story ends. Now…don’t get me wrong, I understand that 2 days in guyland likely hasn’t given him time to zip his fly back up after his morning sports illustrated reading session, but it’s just easier for me to just forget about it and resign myself to the fact that there is something about me he doesn’t see for himself as someone he would date! I know that feeling! My friend tried to set me up with another guy who seemed to be my type and there wasn’t even an opportunity to even try to start a conversation with him. If I can’t start a conversation, the conversation can’t be started! He was just too intense! (hee hee…isn’t that irony at its best? That’s sort of like the pot calling the coffee black…) He just kept talking about everything he is. Enough about me, now what about me?…I do have this issue myself though. It’s not because I’m really self absorbed, it’s usually due to the fact that I’m trying to save the other person from a long, embarrassing lull in the conversation. What topic do I know the most about?…well…Me! It’s actually too bad that sometimes I find myself more interesting than most of the guys people have set me up with. BUT- I think I would’ve actually shut up and let the guy from the other night talk. He just seemed nice. He wasn’t likely to say anything that would play over and over again in my head that would prevent me from ever being interested in him. Maybe that’s the other reason why I talk all the time. I may just be trying to prevent an opening for something to be said that I’ll never be able to forget! I don’t forget anything- ever. I could replay virtually every conversation I’ve ever had for the last 20 years like a soundtrack in my head.

So now I’m really on a roll (…wait a minute…how do you spell that? Is it roll?…reading back on that sort of seems like I’m saying I’m on a roll with pickles and onions?…hmm…) Oh well… you know what I mean! I have been set up with so many people who are “supposed to be good for me” and there has been an overwhelming amount of nothing between us. It feels like I’m on old episodes of “The Fugitive”. Remember the guy who searched for years and years for the one armed man who killed his wife?…Every episode ended the same way- no one armed man! I sort of got tired of watching. It seemed like I already knew the ending. I guess that means that I get sick of playing the same rerun with different guy’s names playing the role of the guy who is the wrong one-armed man. So what about the genuine guy from the other night?…don’t know yet…but I’m quite certain that by tomorrow I will be in the full blown resolution stage! I can’t wait around for other people’s timing to be right when I know that when I meet the right guy, the timing will already be right. I suppose I’ll forget it and go back to being content with “no possibility!” It seems to feel better!


Steve said...

Has nobody warned you about "The Three Day Rule" Calia? Ok, some guys have a rule which says that you should never contact a girl within three days of getting her number.

I think the basic premise is that 3 days is long enough to seem cool on the situation and not too eager. (Silly I know)

If you are going through acceptance within 3 days, then you might be on a rather aggressive cycle and need to sync up a bit to cope with idiotic antiquated male dating "technique".

Calia said...

hee hee! Thanks Steve! I know...It's definitely me. I don't think people realize how much i can get done in 3 days! ;) I'm clearly not good at following rules!...interestingly enough for a goodie goodie from he 80's! Happy day! :)