Thursday, November 19, 2009

No Inner Monologue…

I ran into a friend who was telling me about a girl who had said to him, “Gee. You seem to be too good to be true…but why can’t you be taller?”…He decided that the problem was that she didn’t have any inner monologue. There are certain things that we need to say in our heads to hear what they may sound like before we phonate!…I have really been working on this with emails lately myself. It used to be that when I got an email that sounded unreasonable to me, I would instantly fire back a quick, “yeah…whatever. Screw you!” I found that this didn’t turn out as well as my original intention had hoped. Now, I make sure to close the email without responding for at least 12 hours! Usually by the time I open it up again, my response is less likely to get me called into my boss’ office where he has printed 14 copies of my response for posterity. In those instances, I have noticed that my response to him of, “oh. Oops…I’m sorry. But did you read the original email you sent me? On my behalf, don’t you think that I responded appropriately?”, wasn’t effective!…on these occasions, he hasn’t seemed to agree with me. Go figure! Waiting to respond to emails has really saved me a lot of time… and apologies. The giggle only goes so far!

I suppose this a good lesson for people to learn in general. For some reason, tact has gone completely out the window. I guess that in a world where people are overwhelmingly dishonest, I’ll take a little honesty anywhere I can get it. But I won’t say that it didn’t hurt when a guy in college told me that I would be the perfect girl for him “if only I was taller and thinner.”…Oh well…he was probably right! I should’ve been taller and thinner…and had different colored hair…and would likely be removing his name from the hyphen after mine by now!