Friday, June 29, 2012

Wipe off and start fresh!

I tend to enjoy waking up, applying some lip gloss and acting like I’m ready for the day! It seems to be the perfect thing to distract the eye from any imperfections I may have from sleeping with my hand pressed against my face! My pretty pink gloss is shiny and lustrous! Granted, the wind blows and I have hair stuck to my teeth, but overall, it’s usually a good topping for a fresh girl look! Well!…I was very disappointed in my lip gloss last night. I had been wearing it all day and was actually quite proud of myself for not licking it off. I reapplied after work and went to sing at a party. I was driving to the party and noticed that my lips were sticking together! That’s not good. I can’t breathe through my nose. I checked it in the mirror and it was all chunky and gross. Darn! I was all out of sorts. When I got to the party, I searched my trunk for something to wipe it on that wouldn't stick to it and have to be worn as a mouth accessory all night! I found a washcloth and got rid of all but a little glitter and used a new layer of a different textured gloss. My frown turned upside down and I felt like a new girl! Ah! That’s better.

I walked into the party, and within 30 minutes, a guy came up to me and said, “My wife divorced me and I had to move out of the house at 11:59 pm last night.”…I thought, “Wow! If he was 20 years younger, 6 months out of that relationship, Italian, and I wasn't already married, I’d snap him right up!”…and… “that reminds me of my lip gloss”! (Danger! Danger! Attention Deficit Hallucination coming!) The problem with people sometimes is that they have such a need to fill a void with an instant replacement, that they keep layering relationship after relationship without wiping off the old ones. It really just makes for a film of life distracting, sticky chunks on them. Personally, I never got involved. I can’t tell you how many guys asked me out right after they had broken up with someone who I had asked to take some time to get over their previous relationship and then give me a call…I could count on 1 hand how many of them called – 0. They all went on to the next girl and married her…oh yeah…and then divorced her…apparently those relationships didn't work out for some reason. Uh…do you think? How can you possibly be the person you are going to be in the future if you are still wearing a layer of your past? I was always afraid that I would meet someone on the rebound…That was actually hilarious! Everyone would say, “On the rebound from who? It’s been 8 years!”…I'd reply with a smile, “No. Not him! The one before him!”…I liked the original one better! The one you remember was just a sticky chunk of rebound lip-gloss. The one before him was actually a pretty good match for me…other than the depressive tendencies. He’s still a sight for sore eyes though (when I run into him every 10 years or so). Oh well…wipe them off! You can’t re-date the dated and you can’t reapply the dazzleglass. You may as well take a shower and start fresh in the morning!…I looked up from my thoughts and the guy was still standing there staring at me… “Oh. I’m sorry. Were you talking?”