Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Man Ring

I saw on the news that there is a new trend starting of women buying men engagement rings! Um! People…this is absolutely crazy unless these women are corporate businesswomen who are getting engaged to the pool boy! What man in his right mind would want to wear an engagement ring around? The funny thing is that I told a guy friend of mine and he said, “Yeah baby!”…I don’t think he was really thinking about it. He seemed to be really excited from a financial point of view…but what about the fact that it would appear to be advertisement from a jealous girlfriend that he was taken and other women should keep their hands off? Of course most women would see it and want to get him to cheat on his girlfriend just because of the dysfunction of the whole concept! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched women try to pick up guys after noticing a wedding band. I think there’s a type of woman who wants to see if she can steal a guy to prove to herself that she’s good enough. I don’t agree! When a married guy talks to me about how he’s unhappy, I’m really turned off! I say, “oh. Well does your wife know that the two of you are unhappy? Maybe you should be having this conversation with her.”

Oh well…I suppose that the type of guy I’d be interested in would never want the type of girl who would actually try to brand him with an engagement ring. Powerful type ‘A’ guys have an old fashioned need to feign strength in the relationship! For the most part, that’s why they tend to like their women a little weaker! As a matter of fact, that’s part of my problem I have a feeling. I like strong guys and I come off extremely strong myself. Come to think of it, maybe I should just pick up a spare engagement ring to keep in my bag in case I run into a pool boy who may want to do my laundry and trim my hedges…