Monday, November 9, 2009

Another love sale?

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog about the fact that I got a spam “love is on sale” email. Would you believe that I just got another one from a different site? How many of these love sales are these websites going to have? I have a feeling that all of these factory second sales are making it hard to find the real deal! Do people keep returning their “love” or are they getting a new shipment of fresh love weekly? I find it a little pathetic that there are so many single people that websites have to run sales on them to blow them out?…It actually says a lot for the way people treat their relationships these days though. They are completely disposable. Of course…they may not have been “love” at all…but who really knows what that is? If a marriage gets hard, people get a divorce…or should I say, take on a third party, get caught…and then get a divorce. If a boyfriend doesn’t like our hair, we break up with him and find someone who will! (Which, by the way, we will never find anyone who likes everything about us but many people continue the search for “perfection” while they keep one solid foot in what’s there at the moment. Ie: picking up a couple extras at a love sale or something so they don’t have to go without in the meantime!) So what exactly can you get at a love sale?…A sale means “cheap” right?…I suppose that sheds some light on why there are so many “love sales” then. Cheap “love” is extremely easy to find. The bars are lined with rows of it and those racks are stacked to the ceiling!…I can only compare this sort of love to a pair of shoes that you could find for $6 at payless. They are plastic, but they look all right for the evening if you don’t look all that closely. After a night or two out though, there’s little left of them worth hanging onto. I suppose you get what you pay for. A coupon that will get me a good deal on something that someone’s already worn once and returned to the store doesn’t seem like a bargain to me. I think I’ll continue to hold out for a one of a kind from a boutique that someone hasn’t already gotten deodorant stains on. I think that I’d be more willing to mend it if a button falls off or if I get a little tare in the hem or something.