Saturday, November 28, 2009

Darn! Missed Garbage Day Again!

I can’t believe this! I don’t know if there is a memo that only goes out to people with children that tells them when the heck garbage day is, but for some reason, I never get my garbage out on holiday weeks. It seems that it’s always on a different random day. The strange thing is that I’ll hear the truck outside and notice that all of the other houses have put theirs out! How did they know? Is garbage day in the category of things that only apply to people with families?…like…let’s see…leaving early from work to pick up their kids…tax rebate checks …PTA… peace and good will towards man…?? It’s either that, or there are just more people in the household to assign different random tasks to. I suppose if a family lived in a house together, they could have a list of chores posted on the fridge next to the “I love my Mommy” drawings…instead of a list of “what I ate today” like I have on mine. I’m sure if someone had the task of taking out the garbage, that person would have to make it her job to find out when to do it. Maybe there are too many things on my list and certain ones don’t ever get attended to. I wonder if there’s a “Stunt Husband” program that I could sign up for. It would be like that “big brother” one where older guys come and take young boys out so they have a positive male role model in their lives. I’m certain I would qualify for assistance. Clearly I’m lacking in the “dead mouse removal”, “garbage day”, “house painting”, “leaf raking” department! It’s funny too because in all other areas, I’m very efficient! I’m just NOT very manly!…Oh well…maybe I’ll check the yellow pages under “things creative blonde girls need”…I’m sure there’s something in there for me! Would that be under “T”, or “B” for “Blonde girls need, things”??…wait…I don’t think I even have a phonebook….darn…put that under “N” for “Need, things creative blonde girls”…My new refrigerator note:

To Do:
Get phonebook
Call someone to find out who to call about garbage day
Call about garbage day
Rake leaves
Check into Stunt husband program
What I ate today...