Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Cigarette? In the Gym Parking lot?

I walked out of the gym last night, just in time to see one of the people who had just finished his workout, light up a cigarette. What?…Geez…it gave me an idea. I thought, “Yeah. I need to get that stick of butter out of my glove compartment and eat it on the way home…cause it just seems logical.”…Come on people! Do we have any sense in our heads at all? I say “we” because I have similar issues with human stupidity. I have to say that I have left the gym at times and driven straight to the store for a bag of Swedish fish, red Kool-Aid, and some twizzlers…cause they make mouths happy. We’ve already discussed my sugar issue so I needn’t say more on the suggested red dye number 5 detox topic. BUT! Cigarettes? Never! Who the heck smokes cigarettes anymore? This is more than a “gotta have it” treat after a hard workout. This is clearly an inner child issue. People feel a sense of entitlement to things they crave- especially after they’ve done some grand gesture of good….now that I mention it, that is why I feel uncomfortable allowing a guy to pay for dinner. I mean…what’s a Chicken Caesar salad worth these days? I suppose I could write him a quippy rhyme or something…cause that’s about all he’s going to get. There’s nothing like a little salad and a poem. A moment in rhyme is worth two in the bush….wait a minute…what is that saying?…I don’t think that’s it…Oh well.

Anyway…I find it absolutely crazy that people tend to be so fanatical about some things and then pay no attention to others. It proves that the human mind has the mysterious ability to sneak up and smack itself in the head and say, “Don’t worry. You can always start your diet tomorrow.”…Ok. DAY 1!…again…No smoking?…DAY 1! I’ll quit tomorrow… I’m not going to date losers! DAY 1! But he’s so hot…It’s ridiculous that we can’t control our minds a little bit better so they would stop rationalizing rational thought away. So then what can we possibly do about it?…Forget it! The harder we try to resist pulling that stick of butter out of our glove compartments, the harder our minds will work to pop some corn to put it on. Clearly humans aren’t the sharpest tools in the bed. (Crap…that one didn’t seem right either)…Oh well. I guess my point is that if we embraced what we have, and stopped wondering if there might be something better, we wouldn’t constantly lash out at ourselves by abusing our bodies with red dye number 5 while we were waiting for it. The bird in his hand is worth a Caesar salad and a diet soda...