Friday, November 6, 2009


I dropped my cutting board and it split completely in half. I thought, “Oh good! Now I have two!” I have this issue with almost everything. It drives people crazy sometimes. When some of my friends have huge problems, I try my best to reprogram their day by focusing on the good. Sometimes it’s a little bit of a stretch… “You have a huge zit? Oh. Well…just think of how beautiful your skin is going to look after it’s done rotting off and forms a new layer of clear skin in a few weeks! You’ll feel so pretty and youthful with all that young skin!”…Yeah…but how else can you look at it?

The funny thing is that I am really good at turning things to gold where almost everything but dating is concerned. My optimism is a tiny bit less helpful in this area…Actually…I’m pretty good with other people’s lives…but my own?…Not so much! I think it may just be something I’ve developed as a protective mechanism. If I expect the worst, then I’m pleasantly surprised when I get the best. It seems better than being disappointed by it day after day! The only problem with that is the fact that the law of attraction suggests that you get what you expect to get! Ok then: I expect to meet a 32 year old, catholic, Italian, businessman whose never been married, has no children and doesn’t lie or cheat!… ha!…Oh crap!…I negated my optimism with the uproarious laughter in my head! Oh well…I’ll work on it! I know he exists…hee hee…darn…He’s been working for Microsoft 80 hours a week and now he’s ready to meet someone…(snicker…)…aaahhh!…and the cycle continues…