Thursday, November 12, 2009

When NOT to get involved...

I keep wondering what it is about people that makes us want only what we can’t have. I know that I talk about this all the time but I am constantly baffled by it. I know a guy who insisted on getting all hung up on a girl who is from a different country who blatantly told him that they could only “hang out” for a while. Hello people! If someone’s hand is already promised to the guy from the farm down the street in marriage in return for a goat, it’s a good reason not to get involved! That being said, I have to wonder how it can be so hard to meet “the one” these days when a century ago, everyone’s “the one” just happened to live a mile down the street on the next farm! Baffling!…Oh well…So… In modern times, are people so hung up on ‘yearning’ that they can’t form rational thoughts? I will never understand why people love to chase what they can’t have so much that they will actually put themselves in the direct line of fire. Whoaa…Hey! “I wondered if you would meet me in the middle of a highway for a cup of coffee! Hey…wait…why did that truck just flatten us out like a pancake? Hmm… but we were meant to be!”… Come on! Personally I never do that. I don’t like to get myself all worked up over the impossible. If a guy doesn’t fit my future, I don’t date him. Though I have to say that I went on a couple of dates with a guy who had a tattoo. I kept wondering how I could ever be seen in public with him but I decided that since people always accuse me of being too picky, I would give it a chance. What happened?…Of course he disappeared one day while I was waiting with dinner on the table as I saw him post a message on facebook that he was looking for someone to do something with that night. So what did I learn?…His tattoo should’ve said, “Don’t date me! I’m unreliable!” Clearly tiny imperfections that show up early on in people, are just indications of what may present as huge character flaws that won’t be compatible with the character flaws that I already have! In general, we should just walk away instead of forcing it to fit!…as for the guy…at least I can’t say that I didn’t try. It does go to show though, that you can’t go out with a person that you find unattractive just because people you’ve found attractive in the past have turned out to be complete jerks! Crap! There goes the ugly guy/nice guy factor! Even the ugly guys have jerk potential. Note: If someone has a tattoo that says “I went to Mexico with my girlfriend’s best friend and all she got me was this bad tattoo”, take heed! He is likely NOT the one!