Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bad Mustache for Charity!

I think it’s nice that people want to help others. That being said though: What is up with these ridiculous mustaches? Don’t people know that they never look good? A charity that forces people to look as stupid as possible may be considered a fun idea…but…I will actually pay those charities how ever much they are making for all these men with mustaches to shave them! It’s like asking women to paint a giant “I am a skank” on their faces and selling ugliness for prostitution awareness!

Oh well! I guess it’s a good thing that people are actually trying to take creative action against things that they want to change. I can only imagine the fundraiser brainstorming meeting:

Coordinator who is paid to care: We need some creative ideas for how to raise money.
Person who cares: We could sell ribbons?
Person who pretends to care : No. It’s been done.
Person whose girlfriend cares : We could purchase a bunch of baby koalas and make coats?
Person who got roped into caring: Yeah…but the animal rights people wouldn’t like that.
Person who is text messaging: We could arrest each other and have people’s loved ones raise money to get them out.
Coordinator's assistant who is paid less to care: But do you know anyone whose loved ones wouldn’t pay money for us to keep them out of their way for a while?
(guy with attention deficit disorder gets distracted)
Person with ADD: Hey Mike! You have powered sugar from that donut you just ate stuck in that mustache of yours!
Person who no longer cares: It looks ridiculous! I’ll pay you $1000 to shave it right now!

All of the members of the committee looked at each other and a huge light bulb blared over their collective heads….and that’s how the mustache fundraiser was born!