Sunday, November 1, 2009

Leave something unsaid...

There’s something to be said about not having the last word. I have noticed that I have this issue. It’s not that I’m compelled to one-up everyone, it’s just that sometimes people set up a joke for me so perfectly, that I can’t resist the next line. It just seems logical to me and somehow comes out more quickly than my brain can stop it! I was thinking about the fact that I have this issue in all areas of my life. If I open a box of cookies, I can’t eat one cookie. I need to finish the box and throw it away in one sitting. I don’t like anything left “open.”

I have a friend who can open a bag of M&M’s and eat one and fold it back up and put it away for later….OH MY GOD!…even thinking about that makes me nervous! How could one M&M do anything for anyone? Is she freakin’ kidding me?…One taste of an M&M would have me driving to the store for another bag so that when the bag I was eating on the way was gone, it wouldn’t leave me wanting more! Needing more, or a lot of something provides the end of the story…or at least I’ll pass out once I get too tired to eat anymore of my endless supply of M&M’s (cause I have my driver’s license and stores are open 24 hours a day! It leaves endless possibilities unless there’s a state of emergency or something!) In fact…that’s why they are called M&M’s…you never hear anyone say “Hey, Pass me an M.”…even more, I have a feeling that it is a bag of M’s that you are meant to just eat all in one sitting. Possibly to be clear, they should just melt them together into a bar so people aren’t confused. My poor friend who thinks that one ‘M’ is the proper etiquette would finally be clear. You don’t just eat half of a candy bar…though I think it may have a suggested serving size written on it…a candy bar is likely 7 or 8 servings in the scheme of the food pyramid with Chocolate being at the top of it. The strange thing is that I’m not even a chocolate person. So many women crave it. Not me. I suppose I crave “a lot” of something…I just have no idea what that something is. (don’t tell anyone, but I suspect they call it Obsessive…whatever though. You don’t die of anything until you’re diagnosed with it!)

Oops…Apparently I got hungry during this entry and started rambling about food. I guess what I was talking about was allowing other people to have the “joke.”…I know…sometimes they aren’t quite as funny as the one that could come right after theirs... but…I should just say it in my head once in awhile. My laughter might even help to show the other person that they made a funny and stroke their ego! I’m going to try it. Especially with guys! The funny girl never gets the guy! I’m going to just smile and giggle at their jokes so they feel appreciated. Being too “with it” as a girl, sometimes is a huge turnoff!…Starting now, I’m going to play “without it!”….As a guy told me once, “I don’t need a smart girl. I could always read a book later or something!”…(another reason why I’m building an ark…)