Monday, November 2, 2009

No question? No Answer!

I have come up with a simple solution to a modern day problem! When receiving a text, if the person hasn’t asked a question, then no response is required. I have learned that many people just text random people when they are desperate to have a no strings connection to make them feel good in the moment. I don’t believe that this is calculated, but whether it is or not, it is obvious! There are so many broken people out there who are requiring external validation that it makes it difficult for some of us to understand why they are contacting us if they aren’t interested. We start to think that they must like us and want a connection to us. This is usually not the case at all. For the most part, they are just looking for whatever attention they can get in the moment. We can easily be fooled into thinking that someone we are seeing is into us when we are getting short bursts of correspondence from them. The thing is that if they were really into us, we would be getting more than a random sentence at the end of the evening that says, “I hope you had a good night.”…uh…I guess that means that we’re together right?…um…no. It means that the person did something else without you for the entire night and wants to make sure you go to bed thinking about them so you’re not gone someday on the off chance that you may possibly be the last person in the world to date!…So what’s the response to “I hope you had a good night!”??…The response is nothing. No question! No answer! A better text on the person’s part that would require an answer would be, “I hope you had a nice time to night! I missed you. Can we do something together tomorrow?”…Anything short of a question mark with something leading towards possibly talking in person or maybe even meeting in public should be met with no reply!…There are a few exceptions to the rule however. For example: “What are you wearing right now?”…This can be an innocent question if the person is on his way to pick you up to go to a formal event and he wants to pick up a corsage for you to match his tie….If it is a random text at 3 in the morning, this is the exception to the question mark response rule.

U B4 me - X-ept after 3

…The way I like to handle this one is to simply wait to respond to it until the next day at around 7am with a polite, “I’m wearing sweatpants and I’m on my way to the gym! What are you up to?”…You will find that unless the person is really interested in getting to know you, he will have little interest in knowing what you’re wearing while he’s asleep.

Following this simple question mark rule when corresponding through text only (since the person is likely afraid of intimacy or quite possibly already dating someone else), will make your life a lot easier. You won’t waste an incredible amount of time trying to figure out if that person is interested in you. They aren’t! They likely won’t ever be! They think that their mother would like you and they probably should like you too! But THEY DON”T! oh well…no question! No answer! “Do you like me?”…ah the question! “eh…you’re better than nothing I guess…”