Sunday, November 22, 2009

Here Come the Love Holidays!

Well! Here they come…the holidays are on their way. I have a friend that says that guys won’t start dating near the holidays so there is no pressure on them to buy a gift! She also believes that no one gets involved from the start of winter until May. As a matter of fact, every year since I’ve known her, she has made a resolution in August, “No men 'til May!”…um…That’s a nice idea…but haven’t we sort of been working on the resolution we already made about 7 or 8 years ago, “No men 'til this decade is over?”…Maybe we should try “No men till we meet one we can stand!”…yeah…now there’s a resolution I can really commit to! That’ll ease the pressure.

So what about this no dating near the holidays thing?…That sort of stinks...since that seems like the only time of the year I could really use a little somethin' somethin'...Isn't that just my luck! Come to think of it though, I've always been the luckiest girl in the world when it came to just about everything but this recurring nightmare I call my love life! I had just started to think that the trouble was just due to the age range I am in, but after discussing it with a friend at the gym, it turns out that it's the same for every age! I have 20something friends who are struggling with this exact problem! Single is single! 20's, 30,s divorced...50's...We may all be looking for different things but we are all in the same boat!...Personally I think we're going to need a bigger boat and possibly we should consider a co-ed mixer boat or something before it capsizes. The problem is that we are all picking through the untaken remnants! My mother used to do that with material at the fabric store while we waited in the car! From what I can remember, that took an incredible amount of time too! Now that I think about it, the remnants did make cute little outfits for our dolls...but they didn't exactly match. Okay...but what if the fabric was only available between the months of May until August? Our dolls would've been completely naked or we would've been dressing them in the old standby outfits that we didn't really like but were better than nothing. That's not really my doll's style though. She has a different idea. She sort of hopes that there is a possibility of finding a beautiful dress that no one has worn that has been left in a trunk somewhere that she could wear for the holidays? Even the possibility that it's there somewhere is enough to hang on to.

I've decided that we need to make something special out of the holidays this year! This is for the single people: Let’s make something from scratch that will make this time truly special. I think that a walk around Rockefeller Center is in order and a drive or two down the Henry Hudson Parkway to feel the energy of the pure number of people who are nestled inside their apartments! A home-made craft that would be something we’d really love to get if we were children…or a glass of hot chocolate with marshmallows by a picture window next to a fireplace while watching the huge snowflakes dance with their holiday flair outside!

If you have any beautiful ideas to make this year truly special, email them to me ( or comment here! I look forward to spending the holidays with your ideas this year!


Anonymous said...

“No men till we meet one we can stand!". Brilliant.

I'm not sure the gift idea holds true though. Christmas should never get in the way when if comes to matters of the heart. In fact, I would say it was the lesser of the two evils when compared to the run up to Valentines day. What do you do when you start dating someone just before Valentines day? In fact, with it being just under two months later, Christmas is the latest you can start dating someone before the Valentines day "no go" time.

Obviously, do keep hold of the New Years resolution. Dating someone in the holidays just to avoid the Valentines problem regardless of the fact you can't stand them might be perceived by some as incongruous. Although there is the argument that you're not going to make Valentines day anyway, so what the hell? (However, do not be fooled by this argument Calia, as it is almost certainly less practical than logical)