Sunday, November 8, 2009

Are we in control of any of the major decisions in life?

In passing, I saw someone on TV ask a person if he has ever had control over any of the major decisions in his life. I though that this was very interesting. Upon thinking about it, it became all too clear that trying to control your life in any way is a waste of time and energy. We can pick our job I suppose…but do we pick our careers?…Not really. I was chosen by music and performance when I was less than 5 years old. All of the tests in school that provided insight into “what you should be when you grow up” said, “musician.”…Geez…thanks a lot! Couldn’t they make a test that wasn’t skewed toward the possibility that we haven’t discovered our true potential by the age of 11 yet?…way to screw over our youth people!

We don’t control when we die. We don’t necessarily control when we have children. We don’t decide when to meet the love of our life. All of these things are completely out of our hands. So what do we have control over?…um…nothing really. We can choose the car we drive as long as we have been given the intellectual ability that allows us to have a career that will provide us the income that will afford the one we like…or else we could just drive a ford focus or something. We can choose to be happy with what we have or not and wait for the rest to fall into place. That’s the key right there! I think it is safe to assume that if we try to force something that is in the “out of our control” category, we can be sure to never have what we truly want…unless what we truly want is all materialistic and of little worth in the “quality of life and happiness” category. Whoa….wordy!…deep…apparently I ate too much sugar last night!…I’m much less playful when I eat sugar…I suppose I should know better…hee hee….

Let’s analyze what happens when we force control over any major situation:

Example 1: A girl who wants to be rich but instead of working for it, decides to go after a rich guy. If she gets him, she will never know what “love” is so the whole prospect was a waste. (hee hee…too bad!)

Example 2: A guy who wants to get married to a 22 year old supermodel and have 4 kids in his 50’s, will get her and end up with a 30 year old ex wife and 4 kids who will get to visit him on Wednesdays when they will come and ask him for money for crack that will be provided to them by Mommy’s new live in boyfriend…who is living in the original guy’s house while he lives in a 2 bedroom apartment in the next town. (if only someone could’ve seen that one coming! Heeee!)

Example 3:A woman who gives up and has a child by herself will meet the love of her life 10 minutes after she gets pregnant and he will find someone else who isn’t already pregnant to date. (note to self: don’t settle for having a child by myself even though waiting till I meet someone I can stand may end up bringing me 8 at a time with 4 heads between them!…potato/pototo!)

Example 4:A man who wants that perfect girl will only date what “looks” right to him and he will be left at the end of the evening actually dumber for it…and then he’ll end up all alone cause “he never met anyone good!” (yep…that’s cause everyone “good” thought he was a shallow fool…and the good ones were too busy not meeting anyone “good” either…tomato/tomoto!)

That’s Karma baby!…As for me…I’m going to give up on controlling anything. Clearly it will all just happen whether I want it a certain way or not. In the meantime…I’ll workout and work while everyone else that insists on micromanaging her life stresses herself out. It is no wonder that everyone looks so much older than they are and people are always complaining that they want someone younger!! No worries though…young people are far more stressed out than we are cause most of them have been raising their parents since they were 8 or 9 years old!