Saturday, November 7, 2009

So...What are we doing?

Isn’t it interesting that both men and women complain about all the same things? People just want to hang out and get to know each other without imposed “titles” placed on their relationships. The funny thing is that everyone who hates it when they are asked, “So…What are we doing?” or “What are we?” only hates it when someone they aren’t really interested in asks! When a person really likes someone, they just “are.” We forget this sometimes and try to force someone to want us, or force ourselves to want someone cause they already want us. It doesn’t ever work that way! I’ve “hung out” with guys who were so into me that I felt smothered. I have chosen to see where it goes because their interest seems to be, at the very least, flattering. Somehow a few weeks later, out of the blue, they have started being dishonest or broken up with me. I think, “um…come on! I didn’t like you long before you didn’t like me! You can’t just “Unlike” me!”… I guess I should’ve taken my own advice. When they asked me, “What are we doing?” instead of saying, “nothing. I don’t like you.” I’ve said, “let’s just take it day by day and see where it goes.” My mistake. From now on, if someone has to ask, the answer is clear. “I’m sorry. I can’t hear you. There must be a bad connection on this phone!”…(static noises…hang up…sell the house and leave town!)…cause it’s just easier that way!