Wednesday, July 1, 2009

He didn’t go to college?

I hung out with a guy, just as friends for a few weeks, who was a well known “money guy”. He based all of his self-worth on how much money he had. He didn’t have anywhere to go for thanksgiving so I invited him to come to my family dinner. They didn’t know who he was or anything about him. All they knew of him was from his conversation at the table. After he left, my mother said that he seemed really nice and wondered if he was learning disabled. No Mom. Not that I know of…he just didn’t go to college.

The funny thing is that in my world, money is not synonymous with class! As a matter of fact, in order for me to have clicked with him, he really would’ve needed to enroll in one! I am attracted to people who put energy into their schooling. A college professor with no money at all is far more interesting to me than a wealthy man who “learned from the school of Hard Knocks!” It’s all about what is important to a person and personally, I have no need for a guy wearing a sweatshirt from the campus bookstore that says, “My girlfriend went to college and all she got me was this stupid sweatshirt.” I do suppose we’re even though. That type of guy’s ego wouldn’t allow himself to be attracted to someone like me either. They say that opposites attract but I’ve never met a guy who wanted to be with someone who made his lack on intellect evident! It’s settled then! I don’t want him and he doesn’t want me! – No conflict at all! We’re happier without each other!