Saturday, July 25, 2009

Look the other way…??

I have to wonder if people even notice anything around them at all anymore? I say this because I was at the store the other day and as I walked in, there was a guy with the top of a parking meter, pouring the change out of it into the coin-star machine. Um…

(eye blink ….)

Well…um…I looked around….this place was full of cashiers, front desk supervisors, customers…um…Hello? (the voice in my head echoed as though saying, “Now,ow,ow, batt,at,ing,ing,ing) I must’ve been being punked or something. No one noticed that there might be something a tiny bit criminal going on here? I walked up to the guy who was clearly security for the store. I knew who he was because he was acting like he wasn’t. “Excuse me sir?… (I pointed to the guy with the parking meter) Does that seem right to you?” He looked and said, “Oh. We know him. He does that all the time.”…uh…my mistake! I replied, “Okay then. You don’t mind if don’t feel like paying for my groceries today then do you?” …the guy, (with the letters on his shirt that read “definitely not store security”) seemed a little confused as I walked away laughing to myself! I have to wonder if he isn’t really the best at his job though. I mean…if you have one job description- “Store Security”, and you aren’t “securing the store”, you are sort of 100% bad at your job. That’s why I like to have a bunch of different things that I do in my job so if I don’t feel like doing one of them very well that day, I’m not disappointed in myself.

I thought it was interesting that so many people turned away from human responsibility hoping that someone else would take the time out of their day to deal with it. I worry that we all should think about this in many areas of our lives. If we’re always looking the other way, will we ever be aware enough to see what’s right in front of us?