Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ozzie and Harriet

I was watching Ozzie and Harriet last night…well…actually…I don’t drink and I had 4 oz of wine and was having trouble changing the channel – so I watched Ozzie and Harriet. I suppose what I’m wondering is, why was everyone so overdressed? Was it always winter in black and white? Weird! The thing about black and white days (and I’m not quite sure if the world took place in black and white or if it was just television?), was things were much simpler then. People seemed to treat each other with more respect. They said “please, thank you,…I liked it when, I’m proud of you for…” People don’t tend to do that anymore. The little things are disregarded as unnecessary and the big things are just things that people feel “entitled” to. Have you noticed that caller ID has even made it so most of us don’t even say “hello” when we answer the phone anymore? When I call people, sometimes before even saying anything, I will hear, “Yes Calia?”, or “I have to call you back”, or my favorite, “Stalker, I’m eating a grilled cheese sandwich.” – Okay…that’s a long story that still makes me giggle after a few years have past now but one day I’ll upload the song I wrote the guy after he said that. One of my best by the way!

I guess what I am wondering is if we need to go back to “Pleasantville” and treat people with a little more respect- as though we are surprised and happy to hear from them and that we really appreciate the little things that they do. I don’t think we need to dress like Ozzie and Harriet and those children, who looked about 60 years old by the way…Anyone have any idea what was up with that? Anyway…I’m going to try to simply say “hello” when I answer the phone today…then I’ll act surprised when the person on the other end identifies him/herself. I hope they don’t send the doctors with the rubber coat…again…