Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Out with the old, in with the…well…nothing…

Why is it easier for us to get through a day when we have a little something in the line of attention from the opposite sex? I think it is so strange that even being treated badly is somehow better than not being treated in any way at all. I think that may be our problem. I have been keeping people in my life who don’t treat me well for fear of not having anyone in my life at all, for years now. I think I’ve uncovered the formula to this though:

A (attention)=MC (male crap)2

This simple equation is what is holding so many of us back. Our minds are cluttered with a whole lot of nothing! The minute we dismiss these people who are occupying space in our lives where good people should be, the good people will quickly enter! Don’t get me wrong…I’m not saying that the people who are treating us badly are “bad” people. I’m sure they are perfectly fine in their own right. The fact is though, that the way they are treating us indicates that they are only in our lives to suck attention from us while giving very little in return. They can live that way. A little bit of nothing works for them. It doesn’t work for me. I am certain that once I purge these sorts of people from my life, there will be room for more of the right kind of people who want to share in my world and recognize the gifts I have to offer them other than mindless attention that requires little work on their part! The fact is that people want to work for what they believe in. I’ve given all that I have and someone who can’t see how lucky he is to know me doesn’t deserve to say he knows me at all. I think what we all should do is figure out who that person in our lives is and delete him from our phone and email address book, have ourselves hypnotized to not remember the order of the digits as they are dialed in the phone, go to his new house to pick up our pie plates and cookie dishes… and walk free of him! Today is the start of something amazing. I can feel the freedom of having no one in my head already. I finally have room for someone great! Have a very happy day everyone!


Robin said...

Yes, today is the start of something amazing for you!! I need to work on that feeling of having no one in my head :)