Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Is it hot enough for you?

I have to say that I’m pretty sick of complainers! It’s 90 degrees and humid today. Every 5 minutes a warning comes across the screen telling people that they should avoid strenuous activities, wear light clothing, and drink plenty of fluids! Uh…duh? Is this the first time anyone’s ever been to earth in the summer time? That’s right warning writers! We are all complete idiots and we had no idea that when we stepped outside in our snowsuits…in July…that it was an improper choice of attire. I have to wonder if they are just coming up with things to write for job security. I’m just waiting for the day that I’m watching CSI and the television starts beeping, as it cuts the sound out of the most important scene by the way, to say, “Warning…Johnny has just stepped out of the warning office to go to the bathroom! The following warning areas are affected by this and should maintain vigilance of unwarned hail, snow, rain, heat, bomb threats, etc…You name it, you are officially unprotected and should use your own devices while Johnny, the warning writer, has stepped into the restroom! We repeat: Johnny the warning guy is unable to warn you at this time! If anything catastrophic occurs, you will not be instructed to tune to another station, you will not be given periodic updates, you will not…oh wait…Johnny has returned and there is no threat assessed at this time. We now return you to your regular programming already in progress.”…We are quickly becoming a world of people who can’t think for ourselves. Whether it be knowing how hot it is outside, or how to feel about politics depending on the media slants of whatever channel you’re watching. We are constantly being influenced by what the puppet masters of the world want us to believe. I love my GPS! That being said though…Have you ever noticed that when you follow its instructions for every turn, you could get somewhere and have no idea how to get back if it stopped working? I think I’m going to try to observe things for myself for a few days and see how that goes for me. Like for instance today…I’m going to take off this long sleeved, black pantsuit (that I just went for a run in) and put on…let’s say…a sun dress!…and yes! It is hot enough for me!…It’s freakin’ summer!