Monday, July 20, 2009

Possibly I don’t blend in very well?

I went to hear my friend’s band this afternoon. It was a pretty crazy sight in this bar in Pennsylvania. Tattoos all over everyone...and all sorts of hot wings and cheese steaks! - not exactly a place that I fade into the background! After a little while, I ventured inside to find the ladies room where I learned a valuable lesson: I should always check the bathrooms when I first get to a place before I decide to stay or not! Etched into the wooden door with some sort of a knife, there was that age old saying that every girl aches to write on the wall-"Graham f**ks like he has *&agra running through his veins!" ah! That's nice! I dismissed myself soon after, realizing that this was not my kind of place as I scanned the crowd to try to identify “Graham”? (I was very curious...he was sort of like a train wreck that I couldn't look away from! Clearly there was something up with him?? I mean...what woman in her right mind would've written that on the wall? He had to have written it himself!) As I walked out, I thought it would be best to try to fit in with the clientele a little better. I broke a beer bottle over the bartender's head and held it up yelling, "I'll cutcha man! I'll cutcha!"...and backed out with evil in my eyes as I flipped my hair and clicked the automatic starter on my volvo! I drove like a demon until my GPS system stopped chanting that dreaded word that represents complete and utter abandonment in the backwards sticks of the woods - recalculating! Once the sweet British girl stopped her relentless nagging, I knew then, I was safe!