Monday, July 13, 2009

What a night! someone call a doctor?

I had such a great weekend. I jumped around, danced, sang…even ran up a hill to get my car from the parking lot instead of imposing on the valet – all in high heels and a sun-dress! Actually…that last run up the mountain was a little rough because it was very muddy from the recent rain but I made it to the top without killing myself! Boy! I was feeling empowered. I thought, “there’s nothing I can’t do!” I was listening to my techno in the car and feeling absolutely great. I pulled into my driveway and picked up a speaker from the backseat as I got out. I walked towards the house! Nothing could stand in my way…wait…I tripped a little but caught my balance… judging from that popping sound I just heard coming from the back of my leg as I caught myself from falling, I may have been wrong. Uh oh! Ok…pretend it didn’t happen and keep walking!…No problem…still walking…see that…nothing wrong…I can walk on the other leg instead!…no worries…I have two! Lucky me….uh…I may need some medical attention.

Now what did I learn from this experience? I learned that jumping on a trampoline with only one leg for an extended period of time is not as easy as it may sound! This one may slow me down a little. Tomorrow I may have to jump on that thing with my hands. I wonder if I can do that?…I may need more than medical attention…