Thursday, July 2, 2009

Welcome to Civilization

I was at a wedding tonight and the priest talked about the fact that the brother of the groom replied, “welcome to civilization” when his brother told him that he was getting married. I actually think that the priest was as offended by this as I was but I’m not sure because I couldn’t quite understand a word he said. Strangely enough, it seems that many priests have thick accents these days. I think it may be because American families aren’t staying together long enough to raise their children to be priests anymore? I’m not sure.

Anyway…welcome to civilization: I have to think that part of this is absolutely correct. I don’t really fit into any social category at this moment. I could hang out with divorced people but they are searching for a fresh start and still have to put their children to bed. I could hang out with 20 somethings…but they seem to be drinking an awful lot…and tattooing themselves out of control to the point that I have to follow young girls in strapless tops around with coverup stick so that they don’t look like they just stepped out of the neighborhood strip club. There is really no niche for the 30something educated, single/never been married, no children, girl next door. Too bad too! I find myself extremely amusing!

I suppose that I will just continue to make myself laugh, workout, entertain random texting relationships that may or may not end (I’m never sure) and love my freedom and enjoy every single moment…cause one day when I do have someone telling me “welcome to civilization”, there will be some girl giggling at me as I walk into some gated community of people with long faces, very little sleep and a healthy animosity towards her as she shuts the door to the gate and bounces off with the key in her hand to find someone who will join her forever, happily on her side of the gate!...My life makes me burst with happiness! I suppose I’ll live it this way for now…outside of civilization!


Robin said...

I find myself extremely amusing too!! I like those random texting relationships too - very meaningful :)