Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Not tested on animals?

I woke up today with my eyes practically swollen shut. What the heck? My father always used to say, “Calia. Your face- your career!”…I forgot to ask what he meant by that but I never messed with it. It seemed like good advice to live by. He had always made sense before! I had used another new hair product that my hairdresser swore by…or at least swore that I needed to give her money for! I looked through the slits in my eyelids at the ingredients of the leave-in conditioner: Plant extract, eucalyptus, lilac root, walnut oil…NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS!...Gosh darn it! Before you try products on the girl whose allergy scratch test results actually warranted flying people from all over the country to see, there has got to be a fair skinned, wispy, blonde haired animal that isn't deathly allergic to walnuts that we could test it on first! Does Mr. Koala have to sing tonight? I think not!