Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Should I let other people’s actions go?

While I was at my gig last night, a young girl who helped a friend ruin his marriage walked in and walked up to him while I was singing. I saw it and I was disgusted. He has just gotten his life back on track and has freed himself of her after she tossed him away once she was done proving that she could take him from his wife! Not nice! Anyway…I was singing so I couldn’t really do anything about it…Oh!... I have an idea! I do have a straw and some lyric cards… so I made some spit wads and started spitting them across the bar at her hoping she’d get distracted and walk away from him. When that didn’t work, I picked up an encyclopedia from the bookshelf behind me and as I started to throw it across the room, my keyboard player took it out of my hand ….oh…sorry…he was probably right. That may have been going a bit too far...especially since I was singing at the time.

I suppose that I'm still not all that great at ignoring other people's actions. I'm going to work on this so I can spend a little more time worrying about me and not how other people's business affects me! My life and happiness really has no connection to the way other people see fit to live theirs. My mind will be less cluttered if I just allow others to screw up their own lives so I can focus on screwing up mine!...besides...shooting spit wads and singing "It's Raining Men", is really not easily multitasked!