Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Even the chipmunks? Now that’s not right!

Sometimes I have a strong imagination. - Okay…all the time!... I noticed a family of chipmunks living under my house. They are all sizes and run and play all day. This is a little unsettling in a way. I watched out the window while I was working out one morning and actually played it out in my mind.

Mr. Chipmunk: Honey, will you pass the berries that I gathered yesterday?
Mrs. Chipmunk: Sure dear. (squeak, squeak) The berries were ever so sweet this time.
Mr. Chipmunk: Oh munky-boo-boo. You are always so respectful of my hard work. I’m really glad that I found you and more than thankful for our little family!
Baby Munk: Daddy! Can I go out and play?
Mr. Chipmunk: Sure little one. Just watch for cars.
(I watched as he ran out from under the patio and played under my car. I'm quite certain that I will likely run him over when I leave for work...too bad too...cute little thing...)
Mrs. Chipmunk: I can’t believe all of the racket that girl upstairs is making. It sounds like she’s jumping on a trampoline or something.
Mr. Chipmunk: (laughing) Yeah right dear! She’s got to be in her 30’s. I doubt she’d be jumping on a trampoline!

Oh come on!…even the damn chipmunks think I should be in a different stage of life…crap!