Wednesday, June 17, 2009

“What you are looking for cannot be found”

The strangest thing happened today. There was a post on google from a girl who had asked if she was too old to date because she was divorced now and 32 years old. I decided that I had to respond to her. I mean…she was definitely going through a hard time and I wanted to tell her that she needed to take a positive approach and realize that the world worked in ways that would bring magic to her once she stopped worrying if she was too old, or too fat, or too divorced, or too quiet… I clicked on the link.

“What you are looking for cannot be found” – oh crap! What was this? Am I on candid camera?... GOD? Are you trying to tell me something? I’m listening! Not nice dude! I had her best interests at heart. I just wanted to help!... The link was dead…I heard the dial-tone on my biological clock. Yeah…God was mocking me with a dead link on the internet! Unbelievable! There’s gonna be so much less money in my envelope this Sunday man!


Robin said...

Hey, thanks for the comment. It's always nice to hear the point of view from another single girl on the outside. My sister (who's married) always thinks things are so black and white.

Thanks again!