Thursday, June 25, 2009

It’s really hard to hide a school bus…

I went for a ride out in the country today. It was such a beautiful day and the air was just right for feeling great! I came upon a school bus sitting along the side of a back road. The driver was just sitting there on his phone with the door open eating a sandwich. I thought, “hmm…my life all of a sudden makes sense!” … What? You may say. But sometimes I get so frustrated when I hear people talking and overhear my name in reference to this or that and think “why don’t people just mind their own business?” Celebrities have this issue all the time and while I am by no means a celebrity, I have a personality the size of a big yellow school bus. When I’m in a room, people tend to notice. By the same token, it’s really hard to get away with not being where I’m supposed to be. I suppose sometimes I like to be anonymous and slip in and out of places without people knowing who I am or what I do, but that girl isn't truly me. Don’t get me wrong…I’m not saying that you shouldn’t turn your bus off to conserve energy once in awhile, but there’s really no need to try to hide it. You may as well just sit right in the school parking lot with it and eat your sandwich proudly cause when you don’t, someone going to wonder what you’re trying to get away with!