Monday, June 29, 2009

Simple pleasures!

I woke up a little bummed out today for some reason. This never happens. Honestly, I ate a little too much sugar and it threw me into some sort of a weepy sugar cycle. Well! This was an unacceptable feeling. I looked into the mirror and thought “yuck! Girl…you need to do something!”…I reached into the drawer and found my MAC lustreglass and immediately applied it to my lips. Yep! That was it. I’m beautiful again. Thank God for MAC! Sometimes a little shine on your lips can fill your heart with the energy it needs to love the day all over again! The day restarted as though I was Bill Murray in Groundhog’s Day…only about 10 days into the movie. I was walking through the day knowing what was to come and felt the answers at the tip of my tongue. I could play the piano, run, jump, produce some music, recite Shakespeare…all because of a simple pleasure I like to call “lip gloss!”…and about 30 years of training that I had forgotten I had while the sugar demon was working frantically to make me forget what I already had to be grateful for! Bad sugar! Thank you MAC!