Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mocked by the Census bureau!

Well…I got my census bureau form today. It was the size of a phone book. I originally thought , “I’m gonna just throw this away…like I do the neighbor’s phone bills when they come to the wrong address”…yeah…sorry about that, but they told me that they didn’t need any mail that came to me because they had “changed their address for everything that was important". They acted as though it was wrong that I had driven to their house to get their mail to them. So…now I just throw everything away. Is that wrong? Hee….hee…

Anyway…the census form…It wanted my level of education, how many times I’ve been married, how many people lived in the house, how come I couldn’t meet a guy, what was wrong with me that I didn’t have children yet…how many grandchildren I had??…um…That’s not nice! In fact, when I selected the single, never been married box, it directed me to skip over 5 pages to the question about whether I lived in a trailer or not. - Ouch! - It might seem a little petty, but I stuck a post-it note to it that said “how much do you weigh?”…I am quite certain that the person who is doing the data entry will stop mocking me when she realizes that her desk job has caused her to have use for my desk-er-cycle!...and...cause that was the best I could do…without getting fined $500...and judging from the fact that they had just pointed out that I don’t make enough money to live because I live all alone in a house, I figured a post-it would suffice! Then I went to the gym…again… Ha! I showed them!