Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dude’s Unhappy!

I read my friend’s book last night. Wow! This was a guy I’ve known for 15 years and from what I read, I had never even met him. I owe him a huge apology. I “hung out” with him years ago and even cried for weeks when he sort of dumped me. What was I crying about? What did I want from him? I clearly didn’t know anything about him that would justify me wanting him to be with me so badly. Did I only want him to want me? What a childish girl! I like him now.

For some reason, I’ve always felt like my definition of happiness should be everyone else’s too. The strange thing is that people are happy in their own realm. His beauty lies in his artistic ability to feel rage or anger, or just simple struggles that helped him to become the most reflective person he could be. It’s his thing. I definitely like him! Who would ever ask him to change? If he was walking down the street, like I do, about to pop with laughter with everything that comes in contact with him seeming hilarious and beautiful, he would be downright ridiculous. My act is all about my dysfunction in the dating area. I walk into the break room and people want to hear my stories of how someone mistreated me with my hilarious spin that my fantastic childhood allows me to naturally place on it. What would be left if I walked in one morning and said, “I’m really happy. I met a really nice guy!”…would I be out of things to say? That’s likely! - His act- artistic, creative, thought provoking, laid-back...he knows too much about the world to have all that much faith in works for him. I like him. He's worth knowing!