Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Even Oprah says that we need to let a guy open the peanut butter once in awhile…

I was just out for a run and noticed an old man struggling to fix his tractor. I immediately thought, “I have to help him.”… Well! Who do I think I am? What exactly could I do to help this man fix his tractor? Do I really believe that I have no limitations? ...Actually…the funny thing is that I do believe that. Possibly that’s my trouble in the dating area? I have gotten so used to doing everything for myself that I have actually removed any reason for outsourcing daily tasks: Take the garbage out – check! Network the house – check! Pay the bills – check! Provide unconditional love for self? – I got it…guys in the past have really sucked at it anyway! Fix a tractor?...um…no! I guess I could get the model number and download an instruction manual? Where is the engine on this thing anyway?...and why are we standing in all of these allergens? Are you people crazy? Can’t you just get your food from the grocery store like everyone else?... The truth is that all I could possibly do for this man is sing him a tune and maybe take an energetic tap solo or something…but I’m not wearing my tap shoes so that would be silly! Oh well…I guess I can’t help him. … I just ran by and waved instead.

The thing is that I did learn a lesson from this. I have made myself so complete that there is absolutely nothing left over for a man to do for me at this point. Oprah said that we need to let a guy open the peanut butter jar once in awhile. I’m going to try it! I hope they don’t get mad at me in whole foods when they find out that the whole aisle of peanut butter is stocked with open jars. I don’t really eat peanut butter… but a girl needs to practice these skills you know!