Friday, June 5, 2009

God, she’s so beautiful…I just wish she’d stop talking!

I went out with a guy who actually said that about me once! I was so happy that he thought I was beautiful that I stayed with him…for 4 years! I mean…up until then I was always known as the creative, smart, funny chick! How lucky was I that I finally met someone who saw me for what was really important in life? – external beauty! What a huge compliment. I could now stand in the background, looking pretty- without a peep. I even learned how to giggle and act as though what he said was the most important thing in the world! In fact, I even practiced in front of the mirror. It went sort of like this...

Him: You need to rotate the silverware so it is used evenly because there are only two of us using it.
Him: You’re going to wear that?
Me: um…no? (giggle…)
Him: I can’t believe you wore that scarf in front of one of the girls at my office. I’m so embarrassed. Do you know how much time they spend on picking out their clothes?
Me: (giggle)…I don’t think you even realize how much I don’t care about what your $7 an hour assistant thinks of my scarf! (giggle)
Him: Then I want you out of our house in 14 days…
Me: …oh crap (system reboot!)

Then I moved out and lived happily ever after…without him! (giggle…)