Wednesday, June 24, 2009

You teach people how to treat you!

Have you ever wondered why some people treat you the way they do when you are constantly good to them? I have seen some guys with girlfriends who nag and yell and scream about every little thing. It makes you wonder what it is that people really want? I’m always good to the people around me no matter how rude they are. Don’t get me wrong... I have been known to throw out a doosey of an insult, but usually it is intertwined in some sort of intellectual inside joke so that a person doesn’t even know what was flung at them. The ironic thing is that the nicer I treat someone, the worse they treat me. I really never fight back. One day I had left a tuna sandwich in my refrigerator at work. In the morning, I came in to find that someone on the night cleaning crew had eaten one bite out of it and put it back. I thought, “You know…you can just have that now.”