Thursday, June 18, 2009

I like things neat!

Do you know how when you live alone, things really don’t ever get out of order? Well…that’s my experience. I seem to think that if it’s just you, there is really no reason not to put everything back where you took it from. I guess I have run into people who don’t think that way but for the most part, every guy I have ever met has had some sort of affection for his vacuum cleaner. Is it just the type of guy I like?...or are guys really that into having their houses immaculately clean? I suppose it could be that every guy I’ve met has been a little gay?... I had a strange experience when I asked a guy if he was gay once…Note to self: don’t ask guy if he’s gay. No answer is really a good one. I assume when they protest that they are...then I assume that because they have protested that they aren’t. hmm…All I do know is that the ones who have actually told me that they are, are still my friends today. I’ve never heard from any of the others again. Oops…so they are then?...wait…I’m so confused.

Anyway…the neatness thing…I really think our brains function more efficiently if we are not in a cluttered environment. My friend at work was going through a rough time a few months ago so I went in as a surprise and took all the clutter from the piles on her desk and stapled it together in a nice neat pile. Much better! The thing is that I don’t think she really appreciated it…


OldSoul said...

Heehee, I have to clean my kitchen before I cook however, I do have piles of stuff...and I actually know what is in each pile, it is amazing. I justify my living conditions with, "Creative clutter is better than idle neatness" It doesnt help with the laundry though.