Sunday, June 14, 2009

30Something in Game Show Competition: Opponent- 20-year-old girl

I had a really weird dream last night. I was hanging out at a nightclub and then all of a sudden, in a flash, I was standing behind one of those game show scoreboards like on Jeopardy. Next to me was a cute, 20-year-old girl and in front of us was the host. He was a 34-year-old educated man who was choosing between us. The questions showed up on the board and I was allowed to choose first. This looked like it would be really doable! I finally had the upper hand. There was no way that this girl could possibly have the knowledge that I have on some of these topics!

Me: Yes. I’ll take “Heatsink fans are not just people who liked boy bands in the 90’s” for $100 please.”

Host: Thermal resistance is the difference across a structure when a unit of energy flows through it in unit time. What is it’s reciprocal?

(girl hits buzzer to answer before me)

Girl: Oh my god I’m so drunk!

Host: Oh. That was so close. Give her $50 for that answer. Let’s see if your opponent has a better answer.

Me: Thermal Conductivity?

Host: Oh no! I’m sorry. The answer was ‘thermal conductance.’

Host: Now let’s show the young lady her board of questions to select from.

Girl: Yes. Thank you. I’ll have ‘sex on the beach’ for $1000 please.

Host: heh...heh...sounds good to me! Here’s your question. The popular beverage, ‘Sex on the beach’, is made out of vodka, peach schnapps, orange juice and this beverage that rhymes with “ranberry uice”?

Girl: cranberry juice

Host: Oh…you need to ring the buzzer honey!

(I ring the buzzer)

Me: Cranberry juice?

Host: No. I’m sorry.... Let’s go to you over here honey.

Girl: Cranberry juice?

Host: YES. That’s right! It looks like you win the game!

I woke up and realized that I’m pretty screwed if the game show in my own subconscious mind is even believing that young and dumb always wins! Crap. I had better re-read “The Secret!” I may have just bought myself another 5 years of bad dating luck with that dream! Darn!