Saturday, June 20, 2009

Outdoor Wedding!

As a single girl with no children, there’s a lot of pressure to dress right. I was at an outside wedding today. Well…that’s great!... Accept no matter how amazing a tent is, there’s still nature underneath…ie: grass…mud…etc… Beautiful! But what about my shoes? There isn’t a shoe made that looks good with a clump of mud on the heal! I had to walk on my toes for 6 hours! – and that really doesn’t look all that cool either. As I was galloping to the porta-mary in my dress and muddy shoes, I imagined the sound I was making as I walked. I heard that high pitched running sound from the cartoons. You remember the one that always played when Fred Flintstone ran to hide from Barney behind ridiculously small objects (which is baffling to me come to think of it…since those brontosaurus burgers were always so huge that they tipped over the car??...hmm…) …Oh…sorry… I was talking about the pressure on a single girl to look good…anyway…

Have you ever noticed that a mother, at any age, is allowed to show up with spit up down the front of her or with a curler still left in her hair? It’s just somehow acceptable. People whisper, “Oh! She has the most beautiful baby”, or “Doesn’t she look good considering?”…Considering what? It seems to me that there’s a sliding grading policy on the “considering” portion of that sentence. Come on! She has her skirt tucked into her underwear! Why am I always the one who has to tell her? …I can only imagine what people are whispering about me. “I wonder why her hair is so disheveled. Shouldn’t she be able to do better than that… ‘considering’ that she has absolutely nothing to do but workout, work and do her hair and nails?” The pressure!

Oh well!...Maybe I’m putting all of this pressure on myself. Possibly I should stop worrying about whether or not people are comparing my life stage to other people’s at my age?...or I could just get a pair of flat shoes and bedazzle them for when people have outdoor weddings!


Robin said...

It's funny, we do put a lot of pressure on ourselves when we really shouldn't. I really do like being single a lot of the time. But then, of course, you always want what you don't have :) But it definitely helps when you have other 30-something singles to relate to!

Omega said...

You should've showed up with a pair of Chuck Taylors. Both practical and a conversation piece.