Friday, May 1, 2009

Overuse injury?

I met a guy at the gym who was struggling over a really young girl who wasn’t giving him enough attention. My immediate reaction was to help him! I mean…clearly things weren’t going well for him…since she had a boyfriend, but I kept talking to him about it when I would see him. I spent way too much time on this…and by too much time…I’m talking about 25 minutes or so, on a treadmill! She would talk to me…he would talk to me…then last night I found out that they were using me to make each other jealous. He even told her that I went to dinner with him. Wait a minute…I don’t remember dinner…have I lost time in my head somehow? Uh oh…I knew eventually I would suffer the typical overuse injuries that doing anything in any excess can cause…working out ruins your knees, singing puts wear on your voice, typing and playing the piano gives you carpal tunnel…gee…I thought that your brain was the only thing in the world you couldn’t “overuse!” Wrong again?? After I heard this, I started another conversation with him as though I thought I could help again…or at least explain to him why it wasn’t cool…The conversation went like this: “I don’t think you are really doing the right thing here. Why are you working so hard to be with someone who doesn’t like you?...I can’t underblah…blah blah…ohmoodoo doodah…” …and then I walked away realizing that trying to reason with someone who is interested in a girl whose 17 years younger than I am is very silly. So I went home and deleted him from my facebook. It wasn’t as personally gratifying as slamming the telephone down used to be in the olden days… and he won’t even notice…but now I don’t ever have to worry about that situation again. We can’t waste so much time on energy sucking people! They will never see things the way we do…but why should they? Walk away and leave room for people who already think like you…that way you won’t have any “common sense reasoning” overuse injuries!