Saturday, May 2, 2009

Too much attention?

Whether you are a man or a woman, people have different degrees of the amount of attention they can stand from their significant other. I was talking to a guy once who thought that the connection needed to be constant. I would be driving home from one of my excursions and get call after call wondering where I was. One night I was coming home late and I decided to answer the phone. He wanted me to talk to him until I got home because he was “worried about me!” …Oh my! I don’t know how I’ve stayed alive this long without a him. I mean… He’s right!… What if I had hit a deer in my #1 safety rated car, 3 miles from my house, bumped my head on the dash and my amnesia stripped carcass was dragged into the woods into a tiny, underground fox hole while rats nibbled away at my license plates and gnawed the registration on the car window beyond recognition? I had never known, until this moment, how much danger I had been in while I was flitting around like a spirited, irresponsible child! All this time I thought the only reason I was feeling like something was missing from my life was because I had no one to tell me when the heck garbage day was when a holiday falls on a Friday!

…Luckily I made it home that night…just in time to call verizon and have my phone number changed!