Friday, May 15, 2009

Is Texting 4 Me?

I love gadgets! Since I was 5 years old and got my first Donny and Marie microphone, I have been obsessed with electronics! It was I who was able to position my little sister, wearing a foil hat, perfectly in an arabesque with her foot touching the television rabbit ears so that the Brady Bunch would come in clearer. That being said…why do I keep getting myself into so much trouble when I text? I sort of have refused to jump on the band wagon of the abbreviated spellings. My father was particular about not buying anything with a sign on it that said “4-sale.” It’s all in the presentation! We’ll compromise quality as long as the person from whom we buy it can spell the word ‘for’.

The other day I got a text message that said “Hi…lol!”…what? um…I pictured all that may have happened while my friend was writing that text:
(sound the merry-go-round fantasy music)
My mind went into slow motion and I pictured the scene:
“Hi” … she hadn’t sent the message yet and she turned around just in time to see a giant bird who looked down at her and said “come with me! I am a giant bird!” She went, of course cause that’s what we all do when a giant bird asks us to. A feather fell off of Mr. Bird as they stepped onto the Ferris wheel. It brushed up against her face and tickled and she started laughing out loud! …then she sent the text.