Monday, May 25, 2009

Now I’m not ugly enough?

I have to say that this whole singing sensation of Susan Boyle is quite troubling to me. Yeah…she can sing…no better than anyone else. Have you ever been walking down the street and seen couples and thought… “she found someone!” Interesting! I know that it’s a Cinderella story. But wasn’t Cinderella kind of hot looking? I know that looks aren’t everything but has it really come to the point that either you have to be really hot- or really ugly in order to succeed? Like those girls on CSI Miami! Geez…I am so impressed that those girls are so beautiful and can still be smart enough to be able to calculate the trajectory of flying bullets and analyze toxicology reports! They truly have it all! It’s not that I believed that smart people are supposed to be ugly…but why is it a surprise to us that a truly beautifully challenged (by society’s standards) woman can sing? Of course she can sing! Everyone can sing. It just happens that the beautiful people are more apt to get a contract lip-syncing to an ugly person singing! I just can’t get it right! First I wasn’t “hot enough” to be Beyonce, now I’m not “ugly enough” to be Susan Boyle. Someone remind me to jump off a building if she gets married before I do! It’s like those people who were of age to drink…and then they changed the drinking age and they weren’t old enough anymore! ... Luckily- I’m old enough to drink!