Saturday, May 9, 2009

Older men at the gym!

What is up with all of these older men positioning themselves right in front of my treadmill at the gym? It really worries me! I can't possibly understand why they are the only ones who have the nerve to talk to me. I look young enough. It's not like they could think that i'm 50. I understand that we all seem to have an issue with our age but geez... you know how when you put on a couple pounds, it's better to wear your pants a little larger so you disguise the fact that you're a little heavy? well...these guys have got to wear their women a little older. Who the heck told these men that having a girlfriend 20 years younger than them made them look young? One guy actually told me that he liked women my age because women his age don't have their own body parts anymore. What the heck does that mean? He actually had the nerve to say that men age more gracefully than women and since he has been told that he looked 10 years younger than his age, he was really only 6 years older then me. Was he just trying to confuse me? Had he done the math and i was actually 16 years younger than he was? Come on! I spent 45 minutes in the shower after that workout...