Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The difference between girls and guys…

I absolutely appreciate the male way of thinking… My closest friends are guys! I definitely get it. That being said…Is it just me or is there an alternate measurement of time that men follow? I mean…I understand the 3 day rule: That’s the one where by the time they actually call you after meeting them, you have already written them off as not interested and don’t recognize the number or even take the call, right? …It’s my favorite…right after the one where the 28 year old guy I hung out with kept running up behind me and pulling my feet out from under me so I would fall! –That’s really funny!…there is truly nothing like a broken arm or two to make a relationship really work!

Anyway…what I am confused about is dying cell phone batteries. My cell phone battery has died before too… when I was stranded for 7 days in a desert without food, water, and my spare batteries. I have a friend who consistently does this to me. One time I had dinner on the table and he was on his way to my house. In the middle of the conversation, while he was driving an hour to get here, his phone died. This particular guy has at least 3 cell phones that I know of. I couldn’t reach him back. There was no indication that something had gone wrong in our conversation but he never showed up. Three days later, I got a picture message of his puppy…WHAT?…Am I missing something. Did the puppy kidnap him and want me to send ransom? The puppy was definitely not clear in its pupprietary communication. I was very worried…I mean… I had no details of the crime that had taken place. What was I to do? Call the police and explain? They would think I was crazy - everyone knows that puppies don’t have enough fingers to text. My only hope was to try to make contact with the puppy and find out what I needed to do to save his life! I called and called for three weeks but the puppy wasn’t answering... clearly I hadn’t been able to save his life from this vicious Maltese. I was very sad. … One day, out of the blue, somewhere around 4 weeks later, I got a message from the guy. He said, “Where have you been, stranger? Nice! -Not returning my calls.”…What the heck? …the dog must’ve erased his memory and set him free! We never speak of the subject to avoid him having to relive the trauma. We are still friends, now 4 years later. He just never returns my calls but calls me when he feels like it… to ask me where I’ve been.