Friday, May 22, 2009

Does money really talk?

Have you ever noticed that guys who seem to have money, dismiss all of their other qualities in order to impress you with it? I met a guy once who said "I don't really like their food even though i'm their landlord" when speaking of a restaurant. Is this a bad form of deductive reasoning? He may as well have said "i don't like apples even though i have people to mow my grass." ??? Now i'm really not very good at this stuff I guess and often I feel as though i'm completely alone in my thoughts but I said "i'm sorry...were you talking?" He had completely lost me at "i'm an idiot!" Why would i need to hear about something he owned in that sentence? Why didn't he try "I was at the zoo the other day, OH MY GOD I'M RICH, and i saw a lion." I know that there are some girls who fall for that money stuff- apparently...or else guys like him wouldn't take the time to voice their wealth. It has to have worked at some point? Personally I'd take a brainy guy any day- hands down. It isn't good if while you're talking to me, i'm actually imagining you putting more clothes on! This guy actually needed an eskimo suit by the time he was done talking! ...oh well...what can ya do?