Sunday, May 10, 2009

Other people's children!

I love kids! Never get me wrong on this! What i can't understand is why so many people drop off their kids to spend time with me? All ages! I actually invited my sister to go with me to the mall the other day cause i thought it would be fun! The strangest thing was that when she got here, she called a friend and somehow by the end of the conversation, the friend was going to bring her young twins over for me to watch while they went to the mall to get a break from their children. Wait? What? Help! I understand that apparently i'm socially unacceptable as an unmarried woman with no children! I understand that i'm ridiculed by mothers everywhere (who by the way...have food in their hair!) I understand that I have absolutely nothing to do and wrote my master's thesis on christmas day a couple years ago! Do you have to rub it in? Did you think that i fell for the "kind gesture" and empathetic words when you said "We just know how much you love children and feel so bad for you. My husband and I thought it would be nice for us to let you spend some time with our kids. You can take them anytime!" Maybe you should just say what you mean: "If we see another picture on our refrigerator of a tree or have to stop at McDonald's playland where we have to spray everyone down with antibacterial soap (so our children have absolutely no immune system one day), we are going to run screaming into the street as we set fire to the house!" Come to think of's been so long since i've been to McDonalds that i don't even know if playland exists anymore. hmm...well...I hope not! That Grimace guy with the slide coming out of his mouth always scared me!

Don't get me wrong- I love children and I plan on having my own one day but until then, I have absolutely no need to take care of yours. I'm going for a run!