Thursday, May 21, 2009

Are our brains overstimulated?

While i was at the gym last night, I couldn't help but wonder if the problem with people these days is the fact there's just too much to look at. I found myself so distracted while i was on the elliptical trainer for what may have been an hour and a half (judging from the fact that i can actually hear my knees this morning) Why did it just say 350 lbs when i stepped on it? Oh my god? I hope that's the resistance? I know my weight sometimes goes up and down depending on my pasta intake but the pants i wore today were a size 2? Damn old navy! How slanted were those mirrors?...and who is this lady in front of me in the foil outfit? Not that there is anything wrong with foil outfits- I'm sure there's value in them. Personally i don't have one but i have to admit that in college, i did go off to the parking office asking for a handicapped parking permit so i didn't have to walk as far to dance class in black spandex and a thong bodysuit...I suppose you know that they refused to give it to me... Anyway...the gym...see? I'm still distracted! I was listening to my hardcore techno on my ipod as i watched 4 televisions with news tickers at the bottom and headlines above them introducing the next story...what? President Obama has breast implants and he used them for waterboarding???and why the heck can't i read the closed captioning of "Charmed" on the television 100 feet across the gym? Does that mean that my eyes are getting bad? I mean...I've never needed glasses before? oops...I think the guy next to me has been talking to me. Oh boy. Do you think he could tell that I wasn't listening? - smile..."uh huh! I completely agree!" He says "don't you think that that sort of police action was a little over the top?"...."um.... I need to turn off my ipod for a minute and figure all of this out! If i close my eyes, can he still see me? That's what they always used to say when i was backstage at my shows!- if you can see them, they can see you!" Ahhhh!