Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Possibly I'm just not clear?

I like to think that i have really good communication skills. I am open and completely honest with everyone I meet. One time I told a guy "You are so nice. You would be absolutely perfect for me if you were a completely different person." I need some help with this if you guys are listening? To me, I think that is a pretty clear statement of disinterest. It seems that I've run into this over and over again and for some reason guys have heard "I think I have a chance with her." Is that what I meant? What about the "completely different person" part? Is it possible that I am over-communicating? Another example of this is one time when my sister brought a guy home and asked if I liked him. I replied “Yes. He’s really good looking! If he wore shoes, had a job, a driver’s license, and about 6 more years of higher education, I’d snap him right up!”… What?… Is it me?

One time I remember telling a guy that we weren’t dating and I wasn’t his girlfriend. All of a sudden I had to break up with him? Well how can that be? I never remember giving him the paper with the check boxes on it:

I like you but want to continue to “hang out” with 13 other women____
I want you to put your life completely on hold and tend to my dinner____
I like you but I don’t want to be seen with you in public____
I don’t like you at all but you’ll do until I meet the one_____
Please be my girlfriend…“Heart” me ____

I was driving home one night and saw his car in my driveway…so I passed my own house. Possibly he just wasn’t the “right” guy!